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EXPERIENCE IS ESSENTIAL. For over 19 years, attorney Marko L. Burgar has zealously
represented the interests of his clients. It is this fundamental
client first focus that is the
hallmark of his practice. He has led countless jury trials and has been personally involved
thousands of cases. In his career he has been prosectuor, defense counsel, and always an
advocate for his clients. It is this wealth of experience that allows Marko L. Burgar to meet
the goals of his clients.

Attorney Marko L. Burgar focuses his practice on these subjects to provide the best quality
of service and representation available:

-Criminal Defense
-Real Estate and Civil Litigation

We are available to answer your calls and inquires 24/7. We encourage you to contact us
by e-mail or at
404-781-0400 to arrange for a free consultation.

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P.O. Box 550221
Atlanta, GA 30355
(404) 781-0400
(404) 781-0410 fax
Buckhead-Atlanta Office
Burgar & Michael, LLC
6 Piedmont Center, Suite 525
Atlanta, GA 30305
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